About the Reset Project

ChurchWe hope you have been moved by the vision God has placed in Radiant Life Church.

Our prayer is that God will continue to stir our hearts to reach more people for Christ than ever before. We have been given the opportunity to move to a newer, more efficient facility that will enable us to better serve our church family and community.

Now is the time we must come together & give as Radiant Life Church expands. In order to facilitate this move, we are launching a capital campaign called Radiant Reset Project. Our campaign goal is $1,500,000 When giving with an understanding of equal sacrifice, not equal giving, each gift, no matter how large or small is a testimony of our faith.

Faith in God and His plans for this ministry. It is with great excitement and anticipation that Radiant Life Church goes forward and Resets. Reset in RELEVANCE, Reset in RESTORATION, and Reset our RELATIONSHIPS.

How you can help us?

We are asking that you partner with Radiant Life Church by making a donation towards our Reset Project.  For your generous donations, I have put together an exciting set of Audio Sermons filled with almost 100 hours of Biblical Content. I have also taken the time to include Sermon Slides, Bonus Software and other bonus materials as our way of saying thank you for partnering with Radiant Life Church.

The audio series are of the finest quality and the latest information on these subjects.  They are all capable of being transferred to flash drives, data cds/dvds or downloadable; which means you can “copy and paste” or “drag and drop” the files after your download link has been emailed to your disk/drive to your computer, phone, or other electronic devices.

Below are more details of the audio products and what they contain.  All donations will go towards purchasing our building on 2542 W. Warner Road, Chandler, AZ 85224.

Sincerely In His Service,
Dr. Joseph Kern

Partner with Radiant Life Church's Reset Project

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Silver Level Ministry Partner

Donation of $100 or More


We include over 10 Hours of Audio Titles with a minimum donation of $100.oo

Audio Series Descriptions

In this series we look at the past, present and future of America.  We answer the question, “Was America ever a Christian nation?  We look at current cases that reveal the challenges that are eroding our Christian foundation.  We retrace the history of America from the Revolutionary War to the War of 1812 and how prayer greatly influenced the outcome.  We analyze five major Biblical passages that might reveal America’s final destiny.  These passages answer important questions like, “Is America Babylon?”, “From which nation does the Antichrist arise?, and “Who is mystery Babylon?”   We also look at America’s spiritual connections to Israel and Ancient Rome.  Discover the Daniel prophecy that describes America in detail and the scripture passage that matches the declaration of independence.  In conclusion, we analyze ten prophetic visions of the future of America from our first President George Washington to modern day teachers, prophets, and pastors and how a future wealth transfer will help Christians during the last days.  The conclusion will surprise you!  This audio series also contains 35 video clips and power point sermon slides in pdf.

Gold Level Ministry Partner

Donation of $500 or More

We include over 45 Hours of Audio Titles with a minimum donation of $500.oo

Audio Series Descriptions

In this series, you will learn about the ten things you should never eat.  We look at it from a Biblical and nutritional perspective.  The information in this audio series radically changed my life.  From it, I dropped over 80 pounds and kept it off.  I was grossly overweight in my thirties.  I thought it was my genetics.  Boy was I wrong!  Genetics plays a small role in how much you weigh.  From this information, I dropped from a 48 inch to 36 inch waist.  I haven’t had a 36 inch waist since I was 26 years old.  Hallelujah!  God’s Diet works! This audio series also contains “Natural Heath Cures”, “Blood Type Diet”, & “Death To Diabetes Meal Planning Guide” in pdf.

This series literal gives you information on how to cure major diseases like cancer and diabetes naturally.  These are two of the biggest killers in the United States.  Every family needs the information on this audio series.  This is information the FDA and Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about.  I have never publicly released this and I don’t know when I will again.  On the audio disk are also lists of protocols for the healing of different diseases in pdf format.  You can thank yourself later for learning this.  Why?  Preventive care is always better than waiting until a family member has something life threatening.  There is world scare of the Ebola virus going on right now in our news outlets.  There is a protocol listed in this audio series that has the power to kill the Ebola virus. This audio series also contains “Natural Heath Cures”, “Blood Type Diet”, & “Death To Diabetes Meal Planning Guide” in pdf.

Did you know that 121 million people around the world suffer from some form of depression?  Eighty percent of suicide deaths are sufferers of major depression.  This series reveals that the answer to depression is following the Sermon on the Mount as preached by Jesus.  In Christ’s most famous sermon, he gives the seven characteristics of those who are happy.  These qualities are studied and explained in detail so that anybody who wishes to conquer depression can walk in these timely truths.  Answers are given to tough questions like, “Why do people suffer?”, “What is true repentance?” and “What does it mean to be hungry for God?”  Many other informative issues are disclosed.  We share five cases that expose modern media’s goal of destroying Christianity are analyzed and how this study on the meek inheriting the earth through the seven mountains of influence might be the answer to this conspiracy.  The new field of Epigenetics reveals that the human body’s DNA can easily be reprogrammed by human speech and how this can be accentuated by the pure of heart.  Finally we highlight Christian persecution.  Did you know that there have been 70 million Christian martyred in the las 2,000 years and two thirds of them died in the last century?  We look at three forms of Christian persecution and how to boldly face it.  This audio series will provide hope and healing for all those suffering from depression.  This audio series also contains 15 video clips and power point sermon slides in pdf.

This is a new series is about learning how to pray according to Jesus’ teaching on “The Lord’s Prayer”.  In the 1980’s, I heard a teaching on this from Dr. Larry Lea and it radically changed my life.  The information in this audio series is what has totally prepared me, set me up and keeps me on God’s destiny for my life.  This is a teaching that has lived with me daily for over 30 years and I believe it to be truly the secret of great saints in the past and present.  I believe any success I have today is due to what I have been faithfully doing in the past which is praying the way Jesus prayed.  This teaching will guide you into going in prayer with desire to discipline and finally delight. Also included is a 259 page prayer manual I wrote called, “Prayer & Proclamations.”  It is the manual we use every Sunday night at our prayer meeting called “The Gathering.”  Now you can “drag and drop” or “copy and paste” the pdf file to all your electronic devices.  This audio series also contains video clips, power point sermon slides, and the Radiant Life Prayer Manual “Prayers & Proclamations” (266 pages) in pdf.

This series reveals why Freemansonry is dangerous for Christians.  We discuss the history of Freemasonry along with some of its most famous leaders.  We analyze the various degrees of Freemasonry along with its symbols and blood oaths.  You’ll be shocked by the Muslim tie to the Shriners and it history of Christian persecution.  Discover the famous captain that was murdered by masons for revealing their secrets in a book and how his death slowed the growth of masonry for a while.  In this study, you will discover the god of freemasonry and its most vital secrets.  You will also learn of Masonry’s tie to the New World Order, KKK, the M.A.F.I.A. and Mormonism.  Lastly, we reveal Masonry’s connection to Aleister Crowley – the master Satanist and his demonic influence on modern music.  This audio series also contains video clips and power point sermon slides in pdf.

Platinum Level Ministry Partner

Donation of $1000 or More

We include over 95 Hours of Audio Titles with a minimum donation of $1000.oo

Audio Series Descriptions

This a fifteen week audio series about how to overcome all obstacles in life and discovering who you are.  This series will inspire you to be your best and to reach your fullest potential, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”   There are 17 obstacles listed in Romans 8 that Satan tries to use against you to keep you from your purpose.  We explore them in detail.  We look at the inner and outer struggles that try to keep you from God’s best.  We even exam the fallen angels, nephilim, Illuminati and new technology’s future influence on what is called “Singularity” or “Transcendence” – man and computer becoming one.  Believe me when I say we exam almost every deterrent.  However, in this series you learn the number one strategy God has given us in order to help us overcome all things.  This audio series also contains 28 video clips and power point sermon slides in pdf.

This series gets more requests when played on radio than any other series done by this ministry.  We get into the history of the Illuminati, its growth and how its tentacles have reached into all segments of our modern society.  We give the names and expose the agenda of this elite group.  Don’t expect any political correctness here.  We explore many controversial subjects, such as, “how U.S. presidents are selected” and “hidden technologies hidden away from the public”.  The information in this series will shock you! We answer many questions to well-known conspiracy theories that have been going around for a long time.  In this multi-media audio collection are 25 video clips that can be viewed that gives credence to the secretive information revealed in this series.  This audio series also contains 25 video clips and power point sermon slides in pdf.

This audio series will transform your relationship with Christ.  The revelations of Grace in this teaching will empower you to overcome fear, shame, and guilt and move you into a life of victory over sin in Christ.  You will learn the thirteen attributes of God’s mercy and its relationship to His name.  The mystery of number five and its relationship to Grace is revealed and how Grace overcomes the six fold fallen nature of man.  The heart of this teaching follows a scarlet thread throughout Jesus’ genealogy from the Old Testament to the New Testament that reveals Christ ability destroy every type of sexual dysfunction known to man.  You will be taught how to apply this revelation of Grace found in the genealogy of Christ to your personal life in order to overcome sexual habits, temptations and unholy lifestyles.  Over eighteen gifts of grace in the life of the believer are explained and discovered.  Learning the secret to activating God’s grace and the three levels of Grace will result in God’s power invading every area of your life.  This audio series also contains power point slides in pdf.

This series will place more money in your hands and not away! It reveals the three sources of income for the church as revealed in scripture.  Many important questions are answered like: “Why do we pay tithes?”, “Did tithing end with the Old Testament?” and “W here do I pay my tithes?”  Jesus, a priest after the order of Melchizidek is well researched and explained in its relation to tithing.  Satan’s mission statement and its relationship to poverty in the church are explained.  Other questions are answered in relationship to wealth like, “Is it blessed to be poor?”, “Is every Christian supposed to be wealthy?” and “How much money should I have?” The series ends on five practical keys in how to operate in financial success, five principles in Biblical stewardship and seven expectations for finances that all believers should have.  Many people who have purchased and followed the principals in this audio series have testified of experiencing tremendous financial miracles as a result.  This audio series also contains a video clip and power point sermon slides in pdf.

This series will help you to fulfill the scripture that requires us to always “be ready to give an answer to every man.”  In it, we analyze six reasons that point to God’s existence: the complexity of our planet, the beginning of the universe, the uniform laws of nature, the DNA code, God pursuing us, and Jesus Christ.  You’ll be surprised by the thoughts and conclusions of some of the world’s greatest scientists and mathematicians.  We look at the Anthropic Constants in the Universal, the Cosmic Code and even the claim of one MIT Nuclear Scientist who claims “science has discovered God.”   The series ends with the overwhelming scientific evidence and secular historians used in determining that Jesus is who he claimed to be.  This audio series also contains 15 video clips and power point sermon slides in pdf.

Our Ministry Needs

Moving Expenses

These expenses included truck rental, equipment moving and storage, office and furniture relocation and more.

Building Improvements

Expenses include painting, remodeling, parking lot resurfacing, cleaning and more.

Audio/Video Equipment

Expenses include upgrades to sound equipment, wireless internet upgrades, media upgrades to be included for youth activities, equipment for community events and more.

Kids Ministry Materials

Expenses include materials for Bible studies, furniture for kids classrooms and more.

Lighting Equipment

Expenses include upgrades to lighting equipment, lighting mixers, cables, interfaces and more.


Expenses include additional seating for up to 500 attendees.

Building Signs

Expenses including signage for building and visible signs for various building classrooms and offices.

PastorsRadiant Life Church is a thriving, multi-cultural, multi-racial church that’s full of love for God and people.

We believe that when passion for God meets relevant environment, great things happen! Each week, you’ll find captivating worship, practical and inspired teaching from the Bible and a chance to connect with people of all ages, races and backgrounds. We also have a fun and exciting ministry for children and youth each week. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, this is a place where you can come just as you are and be encouraged!

No matter where you are on your Journey in Life, there’s a place for you at Radiant Life Church. Whether you’re full of questions or you want to dive right in, our desire for you is to “Find out what God wants YOU to do, and do it” Expect a time of dynamic worship and a life changing message from God’s Word!.

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